Audi e-tron® Launch Consumer Events

With Audi’s launch of the e-tron® electric vehicle in 2016, it may have been viewed by some as “late to the party.”  However, Audi had something different in mind for the electric vehicle buyer… an EV vehicle THAT DRIVES LIKE AN AUDI. Performance is a signature brand element of Audi and not typically an element in many electric vehicles. Audi wanted to change that. And Audi wanted to prove that.

Audi looked to MVP to create a 6-city tour that introduced customers to the all new Audi e-tron® as well as what the brand was doing from a sustainability perspective. In addition, Audi wanted to not just talk about the e-tron® performance, but demonstrate it. So, MVP setup an engaging ride and drive component to the events… custom configurable to each of the six cities. Then inside, customers entered an auto-show like display area with an opportunity to interact with interactive touchscreens, vehicle displays, video projection of sustainability programs, and even a virtual reality experience about the development of the e-tron®.

Events across 8 cities

branded vehicles

Average attendance time: 2.5 hours

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1751 E. Lincoln Ave. | Madison Heights, MI 48071