Michigan Makeovers powered by flagstar

Flagstar Bank has opened new branches across the state in growing cities across Michigan including west-Michigan, mid-Michigan, and Midtown Detroit. When opening a new branch, Flagstar wanted to be viewed more than just another business… they wanted to be viewed as a genuine member of the community… an organization that truly cares about the city it now calls home. A regular ribbon cutting just wouldn’t do.

MVP and Flagstar collaborated and developed a truly unique program… one titled “Michigan Makeovers”. The premise was to use the branch opening as the announcement for a special program used to help the community. Flagstar asked the town for their submissions on community projects that needed help. It might be a park renovation, or building of a community garden, or just about anything that benefitted local citizens. All submissions were received on a “Michigan Makeovers” microsite and they were narrowed down to three. Then, the fun starts! The entire community was asked to vote on their favorite. People were able to share their vote on social media and encourage their friends and family to vote too. The highest voted project would then receive a $5,000 donation from Flagstar to help their project. It was a highly successful program and one that put Flagstar on the map in each town in a highly meaningful way.

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