MVP takes Audi to Alcatraz Island

Sounds like an odd venue to take a premium brand like Audi, doesn’t it? Actually, it was perfect. Audi wanted to celebrate like never before in reaching a key milestone in sales and they wanted to preview for dealers their new Super Bowl spot that pokes fun at Mercedes with a “luxury prison”. And, they happened to select San Francisco as the city. Where better than Alcatraz?

The trick was that we needed to transform the dingy Alcatraz space into a luxury environment in only 2 hours! In addition, MVP staged a business meeting that morning including six vehicle reveals at a venue that didn’t exist just 72-hours before. It was an incredible event and Ex Award winning by the way.

Vehicle Reveals

Ex Award winner!

Alcatraz event was a 2-hour setup

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1751 E. Lincoln Ave. | Madison Heights, MI 48071