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Since 2005, Wayne State University has partnered with MVP Collaborative on a number of capital campaign projects and activities.

Fast forward to 2018; a monumental year for the thriving University set in the heart of Detroit. The same year that their largest capital campaign to date, Pivotal Moments, was set to close also happens to be the 150th anniversary of the University. Oh, and throw in a brand-new marketing identity and campaign as well. It was an exciting year that deserved to be celebrated.

WSU partnered with MVP Collaborative to facilitate just that—unbridled celebration and participation in this critical point in the University’s history, not to mention, its undeniably bright future.

To accomplish this, there were a few different projects to tackle. First, a kick-off to the Sesquicentennial year. Utilizing students within the College of Fine Performing and Communication Arts, a program was scripted and performed for an internal audience on campus to rally the WSU community around the University’s history and profound effect on surrounding region and beyond. Second, a seven-city road show that invited guests to Bring Something, Say Something or Do Something, in other words, take action! Guests were invited to bring an item from their time at the University to add to our digital time capsule, tell the story of that item, and of course, give a gift to the current Pivotal Moments Campaign. Finally, a closing celebration happening on campus in late 2018, inviting the larger WSU community to take part in celebrating the last 150 years, look forward to the next 150 years and achieve their capital campaign goal in order to get there.

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