Your meetings have changed. It’s time to think differently.

Looking for a solution?
What about virtual events?

The virtual canvas is almost anything you can imagine.

What are we talking about?

It’s everything you’d expect at a live event but packaged in an experiential virtual environment. Live presentations, Q&A, exhibit halls, a virtual lobby, networking sessions, sponsorship opportunities and even happy hours.

Virtual Lobbies

Virtual Exhibit Halls

Virtual Auditoriums

Live Webcasts

When it might make sense

A few scenarios:

  • If a live event was forced to cancel
  • There’s a need to have a digital element integrated into an existing live event (hybrid approach)
  • A simple video conference won’t cut it. There’s a need to inspire a large audience around a common message or initiative.

What are some of the benefits?

  • It lives on past the “show day” for those who were unable to attend or need access to any of the show content.
  • Travel costs can be saved and allocated elsewhere.
  • In a new reality of live events, the organization still has a chance to show an innovative spirit and inspire an audience.

We can help determine the best fit and even support on other deliverables that are critical throughout each experience.

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