The Chicago market is a critical region for AAA. They launched new Car Care Centers in the region as a way to bring value to AAA Members and to extend a special offering to non-members. So, AAA sponsored one of the largest consumer events in the Chicago suburbs:  Naperville’s “Last Fling”. It’s a huge festival/fair environment marking the unofficial end of summer and with one of the new Car Care Centers only 10 minutes away, it was the perfect backdrop.

AAA partnered with MVP to create an experience that was much more impactful than a tent and table. MVP helped AAA create “an event inside the event” that drew attention and helped them share their message about the Car Care Centers, the value of AAA Membership, and several other services. So, at an event with a couple large music stages, we decided to create a stage of our own. A big one! Backed with an LED outdoor videowall, we filled it with content, onstage-games, messaging, cruise giveaways and more.  Complimenting the stage were great family attractions next to each product booth. From a cash grab machine, to balloon artists, to face painting, and a local talent competition, MVP helped AAA create a party within the party.

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