Project Stories

Allstate Honor Ring

Since 2012, MVP Collaborative had been supporting Allstate’s North Central Region in their annual Allstate Honor Ring Banquet for the region’s top qualifying agents. In 2016, that partnership reached new heights with an international stop in Toronto, ON with one goal in mind: truly celebrate the agents that have directly contributed to the region’s success. MVP helped bring to life two distinct environments within Downtown Toronto for our distinguished guests. First, a lively and energetic awards ceremony in the Delta hotel and second, a theatrical and memorable dinner experience in the heart of downtown. The result? A group of highly motivated agents that felt celebrated and recognized amongst their peers and a renewed sense of pride in the Good Hands.

Ascension Residency Recruitment Videos

Detroit doesn’t always come to mind when thinking of a glamorous spot to practice your residency out of medical school, right? Nothing could be further from the truth. St. John Hospital and Medical Center was out to prove that very fact — Detroit was a destination, they just needed someone to help illustrate it for them. St. John Hospital partnered with MVP Collaborative to show just how desirable a job in the Motor City could be. The strategy was simple, take the very residents that currently practice within each discipline, put them in an environment that brought to life their day-to-day passions, roll camera and create something that is engaging to watch! For example, a pediatric resident filmed on an elementary school playground or an infectious disease resident who was seeking an urban environment filmed throughout the historic Eastern Market District. Each environment and interview was strategically chosen to highlight different elements of the city, the program and of course, the residents themselves.

AAA tampa grand opening

MVP was tasked by AAA Florida to create a portion of the festivities that surrounded the grand opening of a new 155,000 square foot administration building in Tampa.

With a constantly growing membership of over 3.5 million Floridians, AAA wanted to consolidate over 700 employees that were previously spread across three different locations into a newer, state-of-the-art facility in a central location. They chose the Tampa/St. Petersburg area-and they wanted to say hello in style. 

AAA came to MVP to produce a video and an event designed to welcome employees to their new home, as well as to showcase the facility to dignitaries and executives.

The highlight of the event was, of course, a ribbon-cutting ceremony, as well as a walk-through of the building. Everyone was encouraged to autograph a memento wall, and employees donned red or blue t-shirts, then assembled to create a giant AAA logo for a souvenir photograph.

MVP is thrilled to be the agency of choice for events such as this for the Florida AAA market.

AAA at Last Fling

The Chicago market is a critical region for AAA. And in 2017, AAA launched new Car Care Centers in the Chicago market as a new way to bring value to its members and to extend a special offering also to non-members. So, AAA looked to one of the largest consumer events in the Chicago suburbs:  Naperville’s “Last Fling”. It’s a huge festival/fair environment marking the unofficial end of summer and with one of the new Car Care Centers only 10 minutes away, it was the perfect backdrop.

AAA looked to MVP to create an experience that was much more impactful than a tent and table. MVP helped AAA create “an event inside the event” that drew attention and helped them share their message about the Car Care Centers, the value of AAA Membership, and several other services. So, at an event with a couple large music stages, we decided to create a stage of our own. A big one! Backed with a huge LED outdoor videowall, we filled it with content, onstage-games, messaging, cruise giveaways and more.  Complimenting the stage were great family attractions next to each product booth. From a cash grab machine, to balloon artists, to face painting, and bag toss games, MVP helped AAA create a party within the party.

Audi e-tron® Launch Consumer Events

With Audi’s launch of the e-tron® electric vehicle in 2016, it may have been viewed by some as “late to the party.”  However, Audi had something different in mind for the electric vehicle buyer… an EV vehicle THAT DRIVES LIKE AN AUDI. Performance is a signature brand element of Audi and not typically an element in many electric vehicles. Audi wanted to change that. And Audi wanted to prove that.

Audi looked to MVP to create a 6-city tour that introduced customers to the all new Audi e-tron® as well as what the brand was doing from a sustainability perspective. In addition, Audi wanted to not just talk about the e-tron® performance, but demonstrate it. So, MVP setup an engaging ride and drive component to the events… custom configurable to each of the six cities. Then inside, customers entered an auto-show like display area with an opportunity to interact with interactive touchscreens, vehicle displays, video projection of sustainability programs, and even a virtual reality experience about the development of the e-tron®.

Comcast XFINITY Consumer Events

Back when Comcast launched the XFINITY brand back in the early 2010’s, their goal was to create a new brand that was reflective of a wide variety of new technology Comcast was set to bring to the market. XFINITY launched a promise to customers around great technology… with innovations like the voice remote, video streaming with XFINITY Stream, blazing fast internet speeds, the X1 “operating system” for TV, and XFINITY XFI for advanced controls of Wifi, Comcast has delivered.

And what better way to experience those innovations than first hand? Since 2010, MVP has helped XFINTY stage technology displays in 11 difference states demonstrating these various great technologies. We’ve coupled simple crowd attractor games like plinko and digital spinwheels alongside product demonstration activations like iPad demos, X1 remote games, and even giant 32” smartphones to demonstrate actual XFINITY smartphone apps. It’s a playground of XFINITY technology in a way that customers might not expect from Comcast. And it works… we’ve helped Comcast sell tens of thousands of new signups not to mention changed the perception of the Comcast brand to everyone who attends.

Creating Audi Fans Across the Country

Not too long ago, Audi struggled in America to retain its customers. Its loyalty percentages were lagging well behind its competitors. And they knew why… the customer experience for Audi owners was not were it needed to be.  So, Audi called upon MVP to help them change that. And in an epic way. We all knew that energizing the entire dealer body around transforming their practices wasn’t going to be easy… this couldn’t be a typical business meeting. It needed to inspire literally everyone in the organization to change.

MVP led a massive effort to stage live experiences for everyone who touches the brand: all dealer employees, all corporate employees, and even Audi vendors/suppliers.  And the typical ballroom meeting was replaced with a TED Talks style event staged in performing arts theaters across the country including the prestigious Lincoln Center in New York and Yerba Buena in San Francisco (the location for various Steve Jobs iPhone launch events). The impact was profound. The entire organization transformed and rallied around the customer… leading to new changes and a passion that propelled Audi’s loyalty and customer satisfaction scores up into new highs. Another Ex Award winning event that generated meaningful results.

dynatrace at Perform: Las vegas 2019

Dynatrace provides software intelligence, to simplify enterprise cloud complexity and help accelerate digital transformation. And as much as we all rely on computers, you just can’t get that kind of audience engagement from a computer screen. It needed to be live. It needed to be a

show. And a show it was!

The company’s annual event, Perform, took place in the iconic Chelsea Theater at The Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas. The event was attended by almost 2,000 people, who heard from 14 keynote speakers, including Dynatrace executives, who made several product announcements and technology demonstrations…all streamed live around the globe. 

In addition, four separate, large breakout rooms, which were “shows” in and of themselves, including around 400 people per breakout, and finally 15 different “smaller breakout” rooms for mini-training sessions. 

But that’s not all. In addition to the show on stage, Dynatrace hosted over 30 Breakout Sessions, alongside their customers and partners, and held Hands-on-Training sessions to help educate attendees of the event.

There was a remarkable amount of interaction, across various networking sessions, social media postings, and the human touch of personal conversations. Dynatrace’s “Marketplace” added to this, becoming the sleeper hit of the event and providing a unique opportunity for attendees to learn more about Dynatrace and the industry as a whole. Here, attendees were greeted with numerous things to do including a live Demo Theater, hosting sessions from customers and partners, 1:1 demonstrations with engineers, and Dynatrace’s Luster Wall creation.

It was a powerful experience that allowed audiences from around the world to engage in how far Dynatrace has come in such a short time; helping customers modernize and automate enterprise cloud operations, release better software faster, and deliver unrivaled digital experiences.

Michigan Makeovers powered by Flagstar

Flagstar Bank has opened new branches across the state in growing cities across Michigan including west-Michigan, mid-Michigan, and Midtown Detroit. When opening a new branch, Flagstar wanted to be viewed more than just another business… they wanted to be viewed as a genuine member of the community… an organization that truly cares about the city it now calls home. A regular ribbon cutting just wouldn’t do.

MVP and Flagstar collaborated and developed a truly unique program… one titled “Michigan Makeovers”. The premise was to use the branch opening as the announcement for a special program used to help the community. Flagstar asked the town for their submissions on community projects that needed help. It might be a park renovation, or building of a community garden, or just about anything that benefitted local citizens. All submissions were received on a “Michigan Makeovers” microsite and they were narrowed down to three. Then, the fun starts! The entire community was asked to vote on their favorite. People were able to share their vote on social media and encourage their friends and family to vote too. The highest voted project would then receive a $5,000 donation from Flagstar to help their project. It was a highly successful program and one that put Flagstar on the map in each town in a highly meaningful way.

MVP takes Audi to Alcatraz Island

Sounds like an odd venue to take a premium brand like Audi, doesn’t it? Actually, it was perfect. Audi wanted to celebrate like never before in reaching a key milestone in sales and they wanted to preview for dealers their new Super Bowl spot that pokes fun at Mercedes with a “luxury prison”. And, they happened to select San Francisco as the city. Where better than Alcatraz?

The trick was that we needed to transform the dingy Alcatraz space into a luxury environment in only 2 hours! In addition, MVP staged a business meeting that morning including six vehicle reveals at a venue that didn’t exist just 72-hours before. It was an incredible event and Ex Award winning by the way.

Wayne State University

Since 2005, Wayne State university has partnered with MVP Collaborative on a number of capital campaign projects and activities. As it turns out, 2018 happens to be a monumental year for the thriving University set in the heart of Detroit. The same year that their largest capital campaign to date is closing happens to also be the 150th anniversary of the University. Oh, and throw in a brand new marketing identity and campaign as well. It’s an exciting year, that deserves to be celebrated. WSU partnered with MVP Collaborative to facilitate just that—unbridled celebration and participation in this critical point in the University’s history, not to mention, its undeniably bright future.

To accomplish this, there were a few different projects to tackle. First, a kick-off to the Sesquicentennial year, utilizing students within the College of Fine Performing and Communication Arts, a program was scripted and performed for an internal audience on campus to rally the WSU community around the University’s history and profound effect on surrounding region and beyond. Second, a seven-city road show that invited guests to Bring Something, Say Something or Do Something, in other words, take action! Guests were invited to bring an item from their time at the University to add to our digital time capsule, tell the story of that item, and of course, give a gift to the current Pivotal Moments Campaign. Finally, a closing celebration happening on campus in late 2018, inviting the larger WSU community to take part in celebrating the last 150 years, look forward to the next 150 years and achieve their capital campaign goal in order to get there.

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