Comcast xfinity consumer events

Back when Comcast launched the XFINITY brand back in the early 2010’s, their goal was to create a new brand that was reflective of a wide variety of new technology Comcast was set to bring to the market. XFINITY launched a promise to customers around great technology… with innovations like the voice remote, video streaming with XFINITY Stream, blazing fast internet speeds, the X1 “operating system” for TV, and XFINITY XFI for advanced controls of Wifi, Comcast has delivered.

And what better way to experience those innovations than first hand? Since 2010, MVP has helped XFINTY stage technology displays in 11 difference states demonstrating these various great technologies. We’ve coupled simple crowd attractor games like plinko and digital spinwheels alongside product demonstration activations like iPad demos, X1 remote games, and even giant 32” smartphones to demonstrate actual XFINITY smartphone apps. It’s a playground of XFINITY technology in a way that customers might not expect from Comcast. And it works… we’ve helped Comcast sell tens of thousands of new signups not to mention changed the perception of the Comcast brand to everyone who attends.

Activated over 1500 events

Handed out over 200k branded giveaways

Twenty 7-foot remote mascots

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