Creating audi fans across the country

Not too long ago, Audi struggled in America to retain its customers. Its loyalty percentages were lagging well behind its competitors. And they knew why… the customer experience for Audi owners was not were it needed to be.  So, Audi called upon MVP to help them change that. And in an epic way. We all knew that energizing the entire dealer body around transforming their practices wasn’t going to be easy… this couldn’t be a typical business meeting. It needed to inspire literally everyone in the organization to change.

MVP led a massive effort to stage live experiences for everyone who touches the brand: all dealer employees, all corporate employees, and even Audi vendors/suppliers.  And the typical ballroom meeting was replaced with a TED Talks style event staged in performing arts theaters across the country including the prestigious Lincoln Center in New York and Yerba Buena in San Francisco (the location for various Steve Jobs iPhone launch events). The impact was profound. The entire organization transformed and rallied around the customer… leading to new changes and a passion that propelled Audi’s loyalty and customer satisfaction scores up into new highs. Another Ex Award winning event that generated meaningful results.


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